By Christopher Grant

Ember, Paperback, 9780375854903, 264pp.

Publication Date: January 10, 2012


High school freshman Martine (Teenie for short) is a good student, with a bright future ahead of her. She's desperate to be accepted into a prestigious study abroad program in Spain so that she can see what life is like beyond the streets of Brooklyn. She wouldn't mind escaping from her strict (though lovable) parents for awhile either. But when the captain of the basketball team starts to pay attention to her after she's pined away for him for months and Cherise, her best friend, meets a guy online, Teenie's mind is on anything but her schoolwork. Teenie's longtime crush isn't what he seemed to be, nor is her best friend's online love. Can Teenie get her act together in time to save her friendship with Cherise, save her grade point average so that she can study in Spain, and save herself from a potentially dangerous relationship?

Christopher Grant makes a stunning literary debut with this warmly told story about friends, family, and finding oneself.

About the Author
From an early age, Kim loved the magical world of books; a place she continues to visit to this day. She has never lost the thrill and excitement of losing herself in a story. When Kim's children were young she read to them at night, and often found herself making up entertaining tales for them, thereby encouraging their growing minds to become active and imaginative. Kim feels that today's children are forced to grow up far too soon, and that stories should inspire and stimulate their creative instincts. Come back childhood innocence and fun. Let's preserve childhood; it doesn't last long, but is so essential to growth and development into adulthood. Her stories for children reflect her beliefs! Kim lives with her partner Christopher in the Scottish Borders.

Praise For Teenie

"Teenie is rounded with compelling faults, virtues, and smarts. Smooth writing and vivid descriptions of feelings mark this story as easy to booktalk and deserving of attention."

"Utterly believable in its contemporary detail. . . . A good demonstration that girls with goals can walk away empowered."
—The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books