Spanking Shakespeare

Spanking Shakespeare Cover

Spanking Shakespeare

By Jake Wizner; Richard Ewing (Illustrator)

Random House Books for Young Readers, Paperback, 9780375855948, 287pp.

Publication Date: October 28, 2008


SHAKESPEARE SHAPIRO HAS ALWAYS hated his name. His parents bestowed it on him as some kind of sick joke when he was born, and his life has gone downhill from there, one embarrassing incident after another. Entering his senior year of high school, Shakespeare has never had a girlfriend, his younger brother is cooler than he is, and his best friend's favorite topic of conversation is his bowel movements.

But Shakespeare will have the last laugh. He is chronicling every mortifying detail in his memoir, the writing project each senior at Shakespeare's high school must complete. And he is doing it brilliantly. And, just maybe, a prize-winning memoir will bring him respect, admiration, and a girlfriend . . . or at least a prom date.

About the Author
Jake Wizner s life improved significantly after he graduated from high school. These days he lives in New York City with his wife and two daughters and teaches eighth-grade English and history. "Spanking Shakespeare "is his first novel. To learn more about Jake, visit his Web site at"

Praise For Spanking Shakespeare

“Exceptionally funny and sweet.”—Publishers Weekly, Starred

“This brilliantly lewd novel is hilarious.”—Chicago Tribune