The Wednesdays

The Wednesdays

By Julie Bourbeau; Jason Beene (Illustrator)

Yearling Books, Paperback, 9780375872860, 249pp.

Publication Date: August 6, 2013


Every Wednesday, strange things happen in Max's village. The townsfolk shutter their windows, lock their doors, and hunker down to outwait this plague of peculiarities referred to simply as "the Wednesdays." But Max is too curious for that, and when he accidentally lets the Wednesdays inside, his furious parents cast him out for the rest of the day.

Soon he meets the Wednesdays themselves, strange silver-eyed boy-creatures obsessed with playing pranks. Initially he thinks they're quite fun, but they can also be cruel and dangerous. And then Max discovers a terrible secret: he must put an end to the curse of the Wednesdays . . . or become one himself.


About the Author

Jason Beene lives in Boston, Massachusetts. He is the illustrator of "Sophie Simon Solves Them All", "The Wednesdays", " Seagulls Don t Eat Pickles", and "Operation Fireball".