To Thine Own Self Be True

To Thine Own Self Be True Cover

To Thine Own Self Be True

By Lewis M. Andrews

Main Street Books, Paperback, 9780385237376, 240pp.

Publication Date: December 20, 2001


A seminal work on ethical therapy and the vital connection between responsibility, personal values, and peace of mind.

"One of the most valuable, enlightening books I have ever read." -- Hugh Prather

About the Author
The person who wrote this book, Lew Andrews, commanded a series of ships during World War II. As the publisher has learned, Lew, even at 82, is a fierce, strong willed force to be reckoned with. He is also an articulate 1939 graduate of Conneticut Wesleyan University.

Lew's first command was a makeshift minesweeper that had been a peacetime fishing trawler. His next command was a sub chaser convoying between Key West and Caribbean ports. After a stint as the executive officer of a corvette, Lew took the same position on "USS Sims" a destroyer escort. In 1944, he took command of "Sims" and, by war's end, was a lieutenant commander and executive officer of the Antisubmarine Warfare Training Center in Norfolk.

Fifty-four years has not dimmed Lew's respect for the heroes he served under, with, and over. In one sense, time as only strengthened his resolve that their stories be told. With that in mind, Lew became actively involved in the destroyer escort organizations, and through this network of men with a bond that neither time nor death can sever, has collected stories and documented some of the most exciting stories of WWII.

Without a doubt, "Tempest, Fire and Foe" has been a labor of love. Lew says eight years; it was a lifetime. Read it with both laughter and tears and remember the sacrifice made by the men who were boys then (and Lew) fought to preserve our freedom.