Healing Into Life and Death

Healing Into Life and Death Cover

Healing Into Life and Death

By Stephen Levine; John Levine

Anchor Books, Paperback, 9780385262194, 320pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 1989

In "Healing Into Life AndDeath," Stephen Levine deals directly with the choiceand application of treatment, offering originaltechniques for working with pain and grief, anddiscusses the development of a merciful awareness as ameans of healing, as well as how to encourageothers to do the same.

Praise For Healing Into Life and Death

"His work is  magic." -- Elizabeth Kubler-Ross.

"In recent  years, Stephen and Ondrea Levine have shown us new  possibilities in working with the seriously ill.  In this heartfelt new book he broadens the domain  of his inquiry and concern and fees us to heal by  inviting us courageously look at what is." --  Ram Dass.

"Stephen Levine's writings, work  and presence have been a shining light to me and  thousands of others as he has pioneered new ways of  looking at life and the power that the healing of  the mind and heart presents." -- Gerald  Jampolsky, M.D., Founder and Consultant of the Center  for Attitudinal Healing, Tiburon, California.