Little Big Man

Little Big Man Cover

Little Big Man

By Thomas Berger

Delta, Paperback, 9780385298292, 440pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 1989

" The truth is always made up of little particulars which sound ridiculous when repeated. " So says Jack Crabb, the 111-year-old narrator of Thomas Berger's 1964 masterpiece of American fiction, "Little Big Man." Berger claimed the Western as serious literature with this savage and epic account of one man's extraordinary double life.
After surviving the massacre of his pioneer family, ten-year-old Jack is adopted by an Indian chief who nicknames him Little Big Man. As a Cheyenne, he feasts on dog, loves four wives, and sees his people butchered by horse soldiers commanded by General George Armstrong Custer. Later, living as a white man once more, he hunts the buffalo to near-extinction, tangles with Wyatt Earp, cheats Wild Bill Hickok, and fights in the Battle of Little Bighorn alongside Custer himself a man he d sworn to kill. Hailed by "The Nation" as a seminal event, "Little Big Man" is a singular literary achievement that, like its hero, only gets better with age.
Praise for "Little Big Man"
An epic such as Mark Twain might have given us. Henry Miller
The very best novel ever about the American West. "The New York Times Book Review"
Spellbinding . . . Crabb] surely must be one of the most delightfully absurd fictional fossils ever unearthed. "Time"
Superb . . . Berger's success in capturing the points of view and emotional atmosphere of a vanished era is uncanny. His skill in characterization, his narrative power and his somewhat cynical humor are all outstanding. "The New York Times.

About the Author
Thomas Berger, whom the "Times Literary Supplement" has called one of the century s most important writers, is the author of twenty-three novels. "Little Big Man" has been published in more than fifty editions throughout the world."