These DeMented Lands

These DeMented Lands Cover

These DeMented Lands

By Alan Warner

Anchor Books, Paperback, 9780385491464, 224pp.

Publication Date: February 13, 1998

After the critical success of his first novel, "Morvern Callar, " Alan Warner has written an extraordinary, stirring sequel to Morvern's odyssey, confirming him as one of the most original, uniquely gifted writers to have appeared this decade.
An air-crash investigator haunts the hinterlands of an island--around the isolated honeymoon hot spot, the Drome Hotel--gathering the debris from fallen planes that the islanders have fashioned into makeshift sheds and fences; but what kind of jigsaw is he really assembling as he paces the runway?
A young woman makes landfall on the island, crossing the interior to arrive at the Drome Hotel: desperate, strange--and strangely familiar.
Meanwhile, DJ Cormorant is trying to organize The Big One, a rave on the adjacent airstrip, and from all over "These Demented Lands" come twisted characters, converging for one final Saturday night at the Drome Hotel.