How the Republicans Stole Religion

How the Republicans Stole Religion

Why the Religious Right Is Wrong about Faith & Politics and What We Can Do to Make It Right

By Bill Press

Three Leaves Publishing, Paperback, 9780385516044, 279pp.

Publication Date: November 21, 2006


For decades, Press argues, conservatives have defined religion so narrowly that Democrats and liberals have been pushed outside the fold. According to their narrow gospel, God put George W. Bush in the White House to deal with gays, guns, and abortion—and those who don’t agree are on the sure road to hell. How the Republicans Stole Religion is Press’s fervent call for the left to reclaim religion and return it to its basic principles of social justice, charity, and tolerance.

About the Author
Bill Press is the author of seven books and the host of radio and television s nationally syndicated "The Bill Press Show. "He is a former host of MSNBC s "Buchanan and Press "and CNN s "Crossfire "and "The Spin Room, "whose professional accolades include four Emmy Awards and a Golden Mike Award. He lives in Washington, DC"."

Praise For How the Republicans Stole Religion

“The movement toward a theocratic America has a new obstacle: Bill Press’s articulate defense of real religious freedom and condemnation of pious dogma which marginalizes the rights and values of women, gay and lesbian Americans, religious minorities, and free thinkers.”
—The Rev. Barry Lynn, Executive Director, Americans United for Separation of Church and State

“God bless Bill Press. This former seminarian and former California Democratic Party chair has the courage, theological training, and moral clarity needed to point out both the deep spiritual values of the left and the hypocrisy of some on the far right. Hallelujah, Brother Bill!”
—Paul Begala, Cohost, CNN’s The Situation Room

“Bill Press writes the way he talks: with wit, spiritual conviction and political passion.”
—Lydia Howell, Pulse of the Twin Cities