Women and Ghosts

Women and Ghosts Cover

Women and Ghosts

By Alison Lurie

Nan A. Talese, Paperback, 9780385518314, 196pp.

Publication Date: September 14, 2005

The author of "The War Between the Tates" and the Pulitzer prize-winning "Foreign Affairs" now brings her irresistible wit to the ghost story.
In nine spooky tales, Alison Lurie writes of women haunted by ghosts both literal and metaphorical: A woman about to marry Mr. Right is visited by the spirit of his first wife; a dead fiancE haunts a foreign service officer every time she has an intimate moment with another man; the ghost of a girl in a Halloween costume disconcerts the perfect housewife. A secretary on a diet begins to see obese people everywhere she looks; a self-conscious poet is shadowed by her intrusive doppelganger; and a capricious, malevolent spirit seems to have inhabited an acquisitive matron's prized piece of furniture.
Delightfully strange and beautifully told, these nine tales show Alison Lurie at her luminous best.