The Book of Dead Days

The Book of Dead Days Cover

The Book of Dead Days

By Marcus Sedgwick

Wendy Lamb Books, Paperback, 9780385747042, 273pp.

Publication Date: April 11, 2006

THE DAYS BETWEEN Christmas and New Year's Eve are dead days, when spirits roam and magic shifts restlessly just beneath the surface of our lives. A magician called Valerian must save his own life within those few days or pay the price for the pact he made with evil so many years ago. But alchemy and sorcery are no match against the demonic power pursuing him. Helping him is his servant, Boy, a child with no name and no past. The quick-witted orphan girl, Willow, is with them as they dig in death fields at midnight, and as they are swept into the sprawling blackness of a subterranean city on a journey from which there is no escape.
Praise for The Book of Dead Days
Beautifully paced and sometimes blood-soaked. . . . A very tangible sense of evil. The Guardian
Subtle menace and power. The Independent
Packed with drama, mystery, and intrigue. The Bookseller

About the Author
Marcus Sedgwick is the award-winning author of "Floodland," "Witch Hill," and "The Dark Horse." The author lives in Sussex, England. "From the Hardcover edition."