Outrage (the Singular Menace, 2)

Outrage (the Singular Menace, 2) Cover

Outrage (the Singular Menace, 2)

By John Sandford; Michele Cook; Johnand Sandford

Alfred A. Knopf Books for Young Readers, Hardcover, 9780385753098, 336pp.

Publication Date: July 14, 2015

John Sandford and Michele Cook follow up their "New York Times" bestseller, UNCAGED, with the next nail-bitinginstallment in The Singular Menace series. Perfect for fans of The Maze Runner
Shay Remby and her gang of renegades have struck a blow to the Singular Corporation. When they rescued Shay's brother, Odin, from a secret Singular lab, they also liberated agirl. Singular has been experimenting on her, trying to implant a U.S. senator's memories into her brain with partial success. Fenfang is now agirl who literally knows too much.
Can the knowledge brought by ex-captives Odin and Fenfang help Shay and her friends expose the crimes of this corrupt corporation? Singular has already killed one of Shay's band to protect their secrets.How many more will die before the truth is exposed?

About the Author
John Sandford is the pseudonym of Pulitzer Prize winning journalist John Camp. He is the author of the Prey novels, the Kidd novels, the Virgil Flowers novels, The Night Crew, and Dead Watch. He lives in New Mexico.