The King

The King


By Rebecca Wolff

W. W. Norton & Company, Hardcover, 9780393069327, 127pp.

Publication Date: June 2009

The King is a groundbreaking collection following a Self a mother, lover, wife, thinker in her fractured approach to the absolutes of pregnancy, postpartum depression, childrearing, belief, love, and epistemology. Here is a potent exploration of one woman's coming together with the Other her hard-won attachment to the King.

from Deeply Psychological

And then I surfaced

a whole matrix

or rubric

magical thinking

other kinds of thinking

but in layers, you understand,

with supremacy

a honeycomb.

About the Author
Rebecca Wolff is the editor of Fence and the author of Manderley, Figment and Continuum. She lives in Athens, New York, with her family and is a Fellow of the New York State Writers Institute.