Quantum Cover


Einstein, Bohr, and the Great Debate about the Nature of Reality

By Manjit Kumar

W. W. Norton & Company, Hardcover, 9780393078299, 448pp.

Publication Date: May 24, 2010

Quantum theory is weird. As Niels Bohr said, if you weren t shocked by quantum theory, you didn t really understand it. For most people, quantum theory is synonymous with mysterious, impenetrable science. And in fact for many years it was equally baffling for scientists themselves. In this tour de force of science history, Manjit Kumar gives a dramatic and superbly written account of this fundamental scientific revolution, focusing on the central conflict between Einstein and Bohr over the nature of reality and the soul of science. This revelatory book takes a close look at the golden age of physics, the brilliant young minds at its core and how an idea ignited the greatest intellectual debate of the twentieth century.

About the Author
Manjit Kumar est diplome de physique et de philosophie. Il a ete le directeur fondateur de la revue "Prometheums". Il travaille aussi pour "The Guardian", "The Times literary supplement". Son livre a ete traduit dans de nombreuses langues et a obtenu un vif succes.