The Will to Power

The Will to Power

By Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche; R. J. Hollingdale; Walter Kaufmann (Translator)

Vintage, Paperback, 9780394704371, 608pp.

Publication Date: August 12, 1968


Represents a selection from Nietzche's notebooks to find out what he wrote on nihilism, art, morality, religion, and the theory of knowledge, among others.

About the Author
Nietzsche has been proclaimed the seminal figure of modern philosophy as well as one of the most creative and critically influential geniuses in the history of secular thought.

Walter Kaufmann (1921-1980) was professor of philosophy at Princeton University from 1947 until his death. He had visiting appointments at Columbia, Cornell, the University of Michigan, and the University of Washington among others. His books include The Future of the Humanities, Religion from Tolstoy to Camus, and the three volume series entitled Discovering the Mind.