Grapes Into Wine

Grapes Into Wine Cover

Grapes Into Wine

The Art of Wine Making in America

By Philip M. Wagner

Knopf Publishing Group, Paperback, 9780394731728, 336pp.

Publication Date: June 12, 1976

As the first to write a basic book in English on winemaking from the winemaker's point of view, Philip Wagner has long been considered an authority on the subject, and his bookAmerican Wines and Wine-Makinghas become a bible for small producers and home winemakers in this country. Now, in this completely new version of that classic, Mr. Wagner takes into account the many dramatic changes that in recent years have revolutionized the American wine scene.
With the knowledge that comes from his own experimentation, Mr. Wagner discusses the new, successful hybrids that have now made it possible to grow wine-producing grapes in far more areas of the United States than used to be considered feasible. Once again he covers all the basic technical information, including recent developments important to the small commercial winery and to the home producer from the choice of the right vines to the vintage itself, the care of the new wines, and finally the bottling of the wine: red, white, and rose, sparkling and sweet.
There is a new chapter on concentrates for the growing number of people who want to make wine but are not close to a source for suitable grapes, or haven t the space to work with fresh materials. Mr. Wagner describes what concentrates are, how they are made, what the characteristics are of different types, and what to expect. There are specific instructions on procedure and on the necessary (and unnecessary) equipment.
In addition, Philip Wagner's introductory chapters on the evolution of the wine grape, on European winegrowing, and on the contemporary scene throughout the United States provide an excellent guide for the consumer, as does his concluding chapter on tasting and using wine. Peppered throughout with a wealth of historical and anecdotal material as well as down-to-earth experience and full of the author's appreciation of wine and winemaking as a way of life this book is not only a useful guide but delightful and rewarding reading.

About the Author
PHILIP M. WAGNERwas born in New Haven, Connecticut, in 1904. Most of his career has been in newspaper work with theSunpapers of Baltimore as editor ofThe Evening Sunand subsequently ofThe Sun.A taste for wine led him into winemaking and then into grape growing and experimenting with new hybrid varieties that could be cultivated under American conditions. Then he and his wife, Jocelyn, established a grapevine nursery and in 1945 a small commercial winery whose red, white, and rose wines became well known, especially in the Baltimore-Washington area. Mr. Wagner served repeatedly on the wine jury of the annual California State Fair at Sacramento, where virtually all the superior wines of California were reviewed and graded, and twice as resident Regents Lecturer at the University of California; recently the French government has honored him by naming him anOfficier du Merite Agricole.HisAmerican Wines and Wine-Makingwas published in its original form in 1933, and was followed byA Winegrower s Guidein 1945.He died in 1997 at the age of ninety-two."