Triumph and Tragedy

Triumph and Tragedy Cover

Triumph and Tragedy

By Winston S. Churchill; John Keegan (Introduction by)

Mariner Books, Paperback, 9780395410608, 710pp.

Publication Date: May 9, 1986


From the Allied landings in Normandy in June 1944 the Second World War had only fourteen months to run. This final volume of the account covers events right up to the unconditional surrender of Japan.

Churchill's six-volume history of World War II - the definitive work, remarkable both for its sweep and for its sense of personal involvement, universally acknowledged as a magnificent historical reconstruction and an enduring work of literature.

About the Author
Winston S. Churchill (1874-1965) has been called by historians "the man of the twentieth century." Prime Minister of Great Britain (1940-1945), Churchill won the Nobel prize for literature in 1953.

About the Author:
John Keegan is and internationally renowned journalist and historian. His books include The Face of Battle and The Mask of Command.

Praise For Triumph and Tragedy

"Churchill is artist enough to realize that these huge final chords must be simple. He gives us a magnificently muted close." The New Yorker