The Trickster's Hat

The Trickster's Hat Cover

The Trickster's Hat

A Mischievous Apprenticeship in Creativity

By Nick Bantock

Tarcherperigee, Hardcover, 9780399165023, 208pp.

Publication Date: January 7, 2014

The act of creating art, in all its forms, offers us a path to our souls. But the path can be confusing, and getting lost along the way is inevitable. However, maybe that's the point.
In "The Trickster's Hat, " bestselling author of the Griffin & Sabine cycle Nick Bantock invites you to lose yourself in order to become a better creator. Inspired by Nick's popular and mischievous workshops, the book's forty-nine perceptive exercises will encourage you to forget your destination while you meander through the wondrous world that awaits you in the periphery of your mind's eye.
If you re willing to be lead hither and thither down unlikely paths by a fellow of dubious reputation, if you re prepared to keep a sense of humor and not be phased when he plucks the unexpected out of a mischief-stuffed hat, if you re ready to zigzag, detour, and wander in search of a better understanding of your artistic core, then, let the Trickster be your guide.

About the Author
Nick Bantock is the author/artist of twenty-five books, eleven of which have appeared on the best seller lists, including three books on the "New York Times" top ten concurrently: "GRIFFIN & SABINE, SABINE'S NOTEBOOK," and "THE GOLDEN MEAN." The original Griffin book, "GRIFFIN & SABINE, " stayed on that list for more than two years. Nick's works have been translated into thirteen languages and over five million copies have been sold worldwide.