Great Gals

Great Gals Cover

Great Gals

Inspired Ideas for Living a Kick-Ass Life

By Summer Pierre

Perigee Books, Paperback, 9780399536243, 176pp.

Publication Date: November 2, 2010

As women, our lives are busy, chaotic, boring, quiet-you name it. But very few of us think we live amazing lives. Why not? Isn't it the only life we have? Why not make it great?
This is not your run-of-the-mill feel-good guide or journal. It's a whole lotta greatness: greatness to be planned, greatness to be urged, and greatness to inspire. You'll discover Great Gals of the past and present-from Emily Dickinson and Frida Kahlo to Patti Smith and Alice Walker-as well as quotes, prompts, and ideas to help you create your own great life.
"Great Gals," like the women it celebrates, is unique. It's a daily planner, a diary, a depository for goals, dreams, experiments, ideas-all of the above Most of all, it's a reminder that wherever you are, your life is your own. Make it GREAT.
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Great Gals


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