You Are Good at Things

You Are Good at Things Cover

You Are Good at Things

A Checklist

By Andy Selsberg

Perigee Books, Paperback, 9780399537356, 218pp.

Publication Date: April 3, 2012

You may be suffering from unrecognized awesomeness
You have the uncanny ability to always notice when someone has gotten a new haircut. You can make the last half-ounce of toothpaste last for a month. You're a genius at getting stores to let you in even though it's closing time. You're a wizard at resisting the urge to eat all the cheese right after grating it.

This book is a celebration of all your secret skills and unheralded abilities. It calls attention to the way you're able to give your kids names that will never appear on key chains at gift shops, and cheers your talent for wrapping presents using very little tape. In your own way, you're a master, and the world should know it. Because let's face it: YOU ARE GOOD AT THINGS.

About the Author
Andy Selsberg has written for "The Onion", "GQ", "Oxford American",, and other publications. He is also a adjunct lecturer of English at John Jay College, CUNY, and a former stand-up comedian. He lives in New York City and his website is

You Are Good at Things


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