Your Nine Year Old

Your Nine Year Old Cover

Your Nine Year Old

Thoughtful and Mysterious

By Louise Bates Ames; Carol Chase Haber

Dell, Paperback, 9780440506768, 176pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 1991

What happened to that sunny outgoing child of eight?As parents of nine-year-olds often discover, nine is a tricky age.Children are more distant from Mother and Father; they're more independant and rely on friends for companionship, or they have a tendency to spend time alone.Some nines are boisterous and wild, others thoughtful and withdrawn.Helping parents learn how to cope with the unpredictable nine-year-old is the aim of this practical guide from the Gesell Institute.

Nine-year-olds are hovering on the brink of adolescence, and this in part contributes to their up-and-down nature.Dr. Louis Bates Ames and Carol Chase Haber paint a vivid picture of the child at this age and offer useful advice to make life easier for parents and children alike.