Your Eight Year Old

Your Eight Year Old Cover

Your Eight Year Old

Lively and Outgoing

By Louise Bates Ames; Frances L. Ilg; Carol C. Haber

Dell, Paperback, 9780440506812, 160pp.

Publication Date: March 1, 1990

The eight-year-old child is an exuberant, outgoing bundle of energy; he meets every challengehead-on, willing to try almost anything. Sometimesparents are amazed at the enthusiasm and excitementwith which their child greets theworld.

However, eight is also a time when the childbegins to do a great deal of analyzing andevaluating, finding fault in himself andothers--especially Mohter. How do parents help an eight-year-oldthrough this up-and-down age? What should parentsexpect in their relationships with the child andhow can life in the family be made easier? Whatwill the child's relationship with friends andsiblings be like? In the successful tradition of theGesell institute series, "YourEight-Year-Old" is a well-researched, highlyaccessible guide.