Queen Pin

Queen Pin Cover

Queen Pin

By Jemeker Thompson-Hairston; David Ritz

Grand Central Publishing, Paperback, 9780446542890, 224pp.

Publication Date: August 1, 2011


Of course Jemeker paid a heavy price for her involvement in the drug game. Learning from her sources of a federal investigation, Jemeker went on the run. For two years she saw her son only intermittently. Her love for him brought her back to LA, even though she knew she would be arrested. Jemeker served twelve years in federal prison, losing precious years of her son's life that can never be recaptured, plus her legitimate business and her drug money. But in prison she was touched by God. She saw the path of destruction she had sown and vowed to change her life and carry forth a positive message upon her release. Jemeker has done so.

In Queen Pin, written with New York Times bestselling author David Ritz and Geoff Martin, Jemeker has brought to life, in vivid and gripping detail, a story the likes of which has heretofore been told only as fiction.

About the Author

Jemeker Thompson-Hairston started the Second Chance Evangelist Ministries (SCEM) in South Central, Los Angeles, to inspire others like her. Her mission is to show children of God that there is always a second chance in life and He will forgive.

Jemeker currently lives in Los Angeles, California.

David Ritz's most recent bestseller is Tavis Smiley's What I Know For Sure. He has also collaborated with Etta James, Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye, Ray Charles, Laila Ali and B.B. King on their life stories. He has won a Grammy, a Deems Taylor ASCAP award, four Rolling Stone/Ralph J. Gleason book awards and is the co-composer of "Sexual Healing." He lives in Los Angeles.