Dragon House

Dragon House

By John Shors

New American Library, Paperback, 9780451227850, 384pp.

Publication Date: September 1, 2009

From the critically acclaimed author of Beneath a Marble Sky and Beside a Burning Sea the new novel from a master storyteller, * set in contemporary Asia.
From John Shors comes an unforgettable story of redemption set in modern-day Vietnam.
"Dragon House" tells the tale of Iris and Noah two Americans who, as a way of healing their own painful pasts, open a center to house and educate Vietnamese street children. In the slums of a city that has known little but war for generations, Iris and Noah befriend children who dream of nothing more than of going to school, having a home, and being loved. Learning from the poorest of the poor, the most silent of the unheard, Iris and Noah find themselves reborn. Resounding with powerful themes of suffering, sacrifice, friendship, and love, "Dragon House" brings together East and West, war and peace, and celebrates the resilience of the human spirit.

About the Author
John Shors has spent years in Asia teaching, trekking across the continent, and climbing the Himalayas. "Beneath a Marble Sky" is his first novel. Author website: beneathamarblesky.com.