Daemon Cover


By Daniel Suarez

Signet Book, Mass Market Paperbound, 9780451228734, 632pp.

Publication Date: December 29, 2009

Daemons: computer programs running independently of human control. They make life simple. They make our networked world possible. And they should not be taken for granted. Neither should the men who design them
When the obituary of Matthew Sobol, a legendary architect of computer games, is posted online, a previously dormant daemon activates, initiating a chain of events that unravels our interconnected world. It recruits, corrupts, and kills. With Sobol's secrets buried with him, and as new layers of his daemon are unleashed, it's up to Detective Peter Sebeck to wrest the world from the grasp of a malevolent, self-replicating virtual enemy before its ultimate, terrifying purpose is realized: to destroy civilization.
So far, Daemon is winning
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About the Author
Daniel Suarez is an independent systems consultant to Fortune 1000 companies. He has designed and developed enterprise software for the defense, finance, and entertainment industries. An avid gamer and technologist he lives in the Western Hemisphere.