Healing the Heart of Democracy

Healing the Heart of Democracy Cover

Healing the Heart of Democracy

The Courage to Create a Politics Worthy of the Human Spirit

By Parker J. Palmer

Jossey-Bass, Hardcover, 9780470590805, 256pp.

Publication Date: September 6, 2011

Hope for American democracy in an era of deep divisions

In "Healing the Heart of Democracy," Parker J. Palmer quickens our instinct to seek the common good and gives us the tools to do it. This timely, courageous and practical work--intensely personal as well as political--is not about "them," "those people" in Washington D.C., or in our state capitals, on whom we blame our political problems. It's about "us," "We the People," and what we can do in everyday settings like families, neighborhoods, classrooms, congregations and workplaces to resist divide-and-conquer politics and restore a government "of the people, by the people, for the people."

In the same compelling, inspiring prose that has made him a bestselling author, Palmer explores five "habits of the heart" that can help us restore democracy's foundations as we nurture them in ourselves and each other: An understanding that we are all in this together An appreciation of the value of "otherness" An ability to hold tension in life-giving ways A sense of personal voice and agency A capacity to create community

"Healing the Heart of Democracy" is an eloquent and empowering call for "We the People" to reclaim "our" democracy. The online journal "Democracy & Education" called it "one of the most important books of the early 21st Century." And "Publishers Weekly," in a Starred Review, said "This beautifully written book deserves a wide audience that will benefit from discussing it.

About the Author
Parker J. Palmer, a popular speaker and educator, is also the author of The Active Life. He received the 1993 award for "Outstanding Service to Higher Education" from the Council of Independent Colleges.