The Moon and Sixpence

The Moon and Sixpence Cover

The Moon and Sixpence

By W. Somerset Maugham

Dover Publications, Paperback, 9780486446028, 164pp.

Publication Date: January 20, 2006

"Witty, compelling." "The Boston Globe." Gripped by an overwhelming obsession, Charles Strickland, a conventional London stockbroker, decides in midlife to desert his wife, family, business, and civilization for his art. One of Maugham's most popular works, "The Moon and Sixpence" is a riveting story about an uncompromising and self-destructive man who forsakes wealth and comfort to pursue the life of a painter. Drifting from Paris to Marseilles, Strickland eventually settles in Tahiti, takes a mistress, and in spite of poverty and a long, terminal illness, produces his most passionate and mysterious works of art.
Loosely based on the life of Paul Gauguin, Maugham's timeless masterpiece is storytelling at its best an insightful work focusing on artistic fixation that propels the artist beyond the commonplace into the selfish realm of genius.