Undead and Undermined

Undead and Undermined Cover

Undead and Undermined

By MaryJanice Davidson

Jove Books, Mass Market Paperbound, 9780515150919, 293pp.

Publication Date: April 24, 2012

There's no guarantee in life.
Or for that matter, death
Vampire queen Betsy Taylor has awoken in a Chicago morgue, naked as a corpse. Her last memory is reconciling with her husband, Eric Sinclair, after a time-traveling field trip to hell (literally) with her sister, Laura. Now, she's Jane Doe #291, wrapped in plastic with a toe tag. Betsy can t help but wonder, what in hell happened?
For starters, she and Laura didn t time-travel alone. What followed them had a wicked agenda: to kill Betsy in a time when she was young and vulnerable and end her future reign as queen. But it's not just Betsy's future that's taken an unexpected detour. Everyone in her circle, alive or undead, is feeling the chill. Betsy can t let the unthinkable happen. It would be a cold day in hell if she did.

About the Author
MaryJanice Davidson has been credited with starting paranormal chick lit. She is the author of the Undead series and "Me, Myself and Why?" Her books have been listed on "The New York Times" and "USA Today" bestseller lists, and she lists her goals as Working for world peace, figuring out how to make potstickers, and speaking at writer and reader conferences around the world. She lives in Minnesota.

Praise For Undead and Undermined

 "Delightful, wicked fun!"

 "Laugh-out-loud entertainment."