The Fox, the Captain's Doll, the Ladybird

The Fox, the Captain's Doll, the Ladybird Cover

The Fox, the Captain's Doll, the Ladybird

By D. H. Lawrence; Dieter Mehl (Editor); James T. Boulton (Editor)

Cambridge University Press, Paperback, 9780521007085, 356pp.

Publication Date: March 22, 2002

D. H. Lawrence wrote these three 'novelettes' between November 1920 and December 1921; they were enthusiastically received by his English publisher and his readers. The ending of the first version of 'The Fox', written in December 1918, is given in an appendix; Lawrence added a 'long tail' two years later, expanding the story to about three times its original length. 'The Ladybird' also started out as a short story, but was completely rewritten; two manuscript pages omitted by the typist are here included for the first time. The characters and the setting of 'The Captain's Doll' arose out of Lawrence's visit to Austria in summer 1920. Dieter Mehl gives all three composition histories including Lawrence's wish to have them published together, problems with typists and in publication. There is also an appendix on the models for the two main characters and the setting of 'The Fox'.

About the Author
David Ellis is the author of Lawrence's Non-Fiction: Art, Thought and Genre and Wordsworth, Freud and the Spots of Time. He has been commissioned to write Volume HI of the New Cambridge biography of Lawrence.

James T. Boulton is Emeritus Professor of English Studies at the University of Birmingham. He is General Editor of The Cambridge Edition of the Works of D. H. Lawrence and of the 8-volume Cambridge Edition of the Letters of D. H. Lawrence.