Bombay Blues

Bombay Blues Cover

Bombay Blues

By Tanuja Desai Hidier; Tanuja Desai Hidier

Push, Hardcover, 9780545384780, 560pp.

Publication Date: August 26, 2014


Dimple Lala thought that growing up would give her all the answers, but instead she has more questions than ever. Her boyfriend is distant, her classmates are predictable, and a blue mood has settled around the edges of everything she does.
It's time for a change, and a change is just what Dimple is going to get -- of scenery, of cultures, of mind. She thinks she's heading to Bombay for a family wedding -- but really she is plunging into the unexpected, the unmapped, and the uncontrollable. The land of her parents and ancestors has a lot to reveal to her -- for every choice we make can crescendo into a jour-ney, every ending can turn into a beginning, and each person we meet can show us something new about ourselves.
Tanuja Desai Hidier's BORN CONFUSED gave voice to a new multicultural generation. Now, Bombay Blues explores everything this generation faces today, with a heady mix of uncertainty and determination, despair and inspiration, haunting loss and revelatory love.

About the Author

Hidier has worked as a filmmaker and a magazine editor. She is a lead singer/lyricist in a rock band.