Blind Faith

Blind Faith Cover

Blind Faith

By Ben Elton

Black Swan Books, Limited, Paperback, 9780552773904, 366pp.

Publication Date: October 1, 2008

As Trafford Sewell struggles to work through the usual crowds of commuters, he is confronted by the intimidating figure of his priest, full of accusatory questions. Why has Trafford not been streaming his every moment of sexual intimacy onto the community website like everybody else? Does he think he's different or special in some way? Does he have something to hide? Imagine a world where everyone knows everything about everybody. Where what a person "feels" and "truly believes" is protected under the law, while what is rational, even provable, is condemned as heresy. A world where to question ignorance and intolerance is to commit a crime against Faith. Ben Elton's dark, savagely comic novel imagines a postapocalyptic society where religious intolerance combines with a confessional sex-obsessed, self-centric culture to create a world where nakedness is modesty, ignorance is wisdom, and privacy is a dangerous perversion. A chilling vision of what's to come, or something rather close to what we call reality?

About the Author
Ben Elton, author of the novel "Popcorn", was born in South London, and studied drama at Manchester University. His numerous television writing credits include" The Thin Blue Line, The Blackadder, "and "The Young Ones". He is married, going gray, and lives in London.