Education of a Wandering Man

Education of a Wandering Man Cover

Education of a Wandering Man

By Louis L'Amour

Bantam, Hardcover, 9780553057034, 232pp.

Publication Date: April 29, 2008

Shortly before his death in June 1988, Louis L Amour completed writing his most unique adventure story: a personal reflection on his lifelong love affair with learning. Now Bantam Books proudly presents this special Centennial Edition of Education of a Wandering Man," " in which L Amour vividly recalls many of the books he read, the places he visited, and the people he met that catalyzed his evolution as a writer.
In this, his most personal book ever, L Amour writes of growing up in Jamestown, North Dakota, of the parents who instilled in him a love of the printed and spoken word, and of his decision to leave school at fifteen to make the world his classroom. While his contemporaries attended high school, L Amour skinned cattle in Texas, worked as a circus roustabout and a mine caretaker, won small-town prizefighting exhibitions, hoboed across Texas on the Southern Pacific, and shipped out to the West Indies, England, and Singapore as a merchant seaman. Wherever he wandered, his pockets were always bulging with books.
Like the beloved Louis L Amour novels and short stories that preceded it, Education of a Wandering Man has its share of frontier drama such as the author's desperate two-day trek across the blazing Mojave Desert and robust characters, ranging from Shanghai waterfront toughs to itinerant desert prospectors. All this ultimately informed and inspired the books that have made L Amour one of the most widely read authors of our time.
Ever both teacher and storyteller, Louis L Amour makes his education our education, in a book filled with glorious asides on everything from hobo culture to the fate of Butch Cassidy.
Here is a testament part memoir, part reflection in which the author bequeaths to us a most wonderful legacy of the education of a wandering man: a life lived to the fullest through the never-ending quest for knowledge.

About the Author
Louis L Amour is undoubtedly the bestselling frontier novelist of all time. He is the only American-born author in history to receive both the Presidential Medal of Freedom, and the Congressional Gold Medal in honor of his life's work. He has published ninety novels; twenty-seven short-story collections; two works of nonfiction; a memoir, Education of a Wandering Man; and a volume of poetry, Smoke from This Altar. There are more than 300 million copies of his books in print worldwide."