The Warlord's Legacy

The Warlord's Legacy

By Ari Marmell

Spectra Books, Mass Market Paperbound, 9780553593167, 374pp.

Publication Date: December 27, 2011


In his trademark suit of black armor and skull-like helm, armed with a demon-forged axe, Corvis Rebaine twice brought death and destruction to Imphallion—willingly slaughtering countless innocents in pursuit of a more just society. But that was the old Rebaine. Before he killed the mad warlord Audriss and banished the demon Khanda. Before he lost his wife and children, who could not forgive or forget his violent crimes.

Now, in a distant city, under a false name, Rebaine is loathe to resurrect his bloody ways, even when the neighboring nation of Cephira invades his beloved Imphallion. But when an imposter takes up the legendary armor and axe, and sets about killing more ruthlessly than Rebaine ever did, the old warrior may have no choice. Pursued by an old nemesis, a mysterious sorcerer, and his own vengeful daughter, Rebaine moves to clear his name, save his country, and reclaim his family. To accomplish these tasks, will he once again have to become the “Terror of the East”?

About the Author
Ari Marmell would love to tell you all about the various esoteric jobs he held and the wacky adventures he had on the way to becoming an author, since that's what other authors seem to do in these sections. Unfortunately, he doesn't actually have any, as the most exciting thing about his professional life, besides his novel writing, is the work he's done for Dungeons & Dragons and other role-playing games. He currently has novels published with Spectra (an imprint of Random House), Pyr Books, and Wizards of the Coast, as well as a forthcoming series with Titan. Ari currently lives in an apartment that's almost as cluttered as his subconscious, which he shares (the apartment, not the subconscious, though sometimes it seems like it) with George-his wife-and a cat who really, really thinks it's dinner time. You can find Ari online at http: // and on Twitter @mouseferatu.

Praise For The Warlord's Legacy

Praise for The Warlord's Legacy
“The sequel to The Conqueror's Shadow fills a vital niche in the fantasy adventurer genre, one occupied by the heroes of Michael Moorcock's Elric Melniboné novels and C.S. Friedman's Coldfire Trilogy." –Library Journal

"The action is well-paced and there are some delightfully sinister moments." --Newark Star-Ledger

Praise for Ari Marmell’s The Conqueror’s Shadow
“A powerful fantasy, with well-drawn heroes and delightfully wicked, complicated villains.”—Paul S. Kemp, author of The Erevis Cale Trilogy
“Superior storytelling and deft dialogue . . . filled with dark humor as well as scenes of brutal battle and high magic.”—Library Journal
“A great mix of character and action.”—Robin Hobb, author of Dragon Keeper
“This action-packed, morally gray fantasy has an intriguingly twisty plot, full of magic and political intrigue.”—Booklist
“Ari Marmell has a remarkable flair for the sinister.”—Scott Lynch, author of The Lies of Locke Lamora