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The Medusa Amulet

The Medusa Amulet Cover

The Medusa Amulet

By Robert Masello

Bantam, Hardcover, 9780553807790, 464pp.

Publication Date: April 26, 2011


In this new spine-tingling thriller by Robert Masello, the critically acclaimed and bestselling author of Blood and Ice, a brilliant but skeptical young scholar named David Franco embarks on a quest to recover a legendary artifact: a beautifully carved amulet that was created by Benvenuto Cellini, the master artisan of Renaissance Italy.
What begins as a simple investigation quickly spirals into a twisting, turning tale of suspense and intrigue, a race against time that carries Franco across continents and centuries in a desperate search for this ultimate treasure—and a work of unimaginable power . . . and menace.

Aided only by a beautiful young Florentine with a conspirator’s mind and dark secrets, Franco is soon caught up in a life-and-death struggle from which there is no escape. Relentlessly pursued by deadly assassins and demons of his own, in the end he must confront—and defeat—an evil greater than anything conjured in his worst nightmares.

Packed with breathtaking invention and breakneck adventure, The Medusa Amulet is a harrowing ride from the streets of Chicago to the châteaux of France, from the ramparts of the French Revolution to the palazzos of Rome, a story where historical fact meets with fascinating conjecture . . . and the impossible becomes terrifyingly real. Like a masterpiece from the hand of Cellini himself, The Medusa Amulet is a unique and powerful work, as inviting as it is forbidding, as ingenious as it is bold.

About the Author
Robert Masello is an award-winning journalist, a television writer, and the author of many books, including the supernatural thrillers "Blood and Ice, Vigil" (a "USA Today" bestseller), and "Bestiary." His articles and essays have appeared in such publications as the "Los Angeles Times, New York "magazine, " People, " and "Parade," and his nonfiction book" Robert's Rules of Writing" has become a staple in many college classrooms. His television credits include such popular shows as "Charmed, Sliders, "and "Early Edition." A long-standing member of the Writers Guild of America, Masello lives in Santa Monica, California.

Praise For The Medusa Amulet

Praise for The Medusa Amulet

“A bookish librarian encounters danger and intrigue when he sets out in search of a lost Renaissance masterpiece rumored to possess strange powers…While the post-Da Vinci Code bookstore and/or library is bursting with novels about ancient secrets imbedded in renaissance art, this book is a few notches better than most, thanks to its crisp prose and drum-tight plotting. In addition to its taut story, there is an impressive amount of scholarship, and enough detail to please art lovers or history buffs.  Great writing and rich detail combine for a gripping read.” — Kirkus (Starred review)
“Masello’s latest thriller is an engrossing and fun read. While similar in content to the novels of Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child and historical detail to Elizabeth Kostova’s The Historian, this work adds a supernatural twist. Recommended for those who like to delve into the past.” — Library Journal

Praise for Robert Masello and Blood and Ice

“[This is] what would happen if H. G. Wells, Stephenie Meyer, and Michael Crichton co-wrote a suspense novel.”—USA Today

“Will chill you to the bone.”—Lisa Gardner, New York Times bestselling author of Love You More
“A spectacular thriller, an epic adventure . . . I’ve never finished a book faster.”—Richard Doetsch, author of The 13th Hour
“Stylishly written . . . a tale of devotion and sacrifice and survival against astronomical odds.” —Booklist (starred review)
“Masello is a true master at blending cutting-edge science, historical intrigue, and riveting thrills.”—James Rollins, New York Times bestselling author of The Doomsday Key

“The ingredients of vampirism, doomed romance and Antarctic adventure are too seductive to resist. Masello has written a winner, made for Hollywood.” —The Times (London)
“Gripping . . . This big meaty supernatural thriller . . . spans centuries and continents from Victorian England and the Crimean War to modern America and Antarctica.”—The Guardian (U.K.)