Trinitarian Faith

Trinitarian Faith

The Evangelical Theology of the Ancient Catholic Faith

By Thomas F. Torrance

Continnuum-3pl, Paperback, 9780567292193, 358pp.

Publication Date: February 1, 1993


Examines the importance of the Nicene Faith for Christian theology, cutting across the divide between East and West and between Catholic and Evangelical, illuminating our understanding of the doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

About the Author
Thomas F. Torrance (1913 2007) occupied the chair of Christian dogmatics at the University of Edinburgh for twenty-seven years. He was the recipient of the Templeton Foundation Prize for Progress in 1978, and he served as moderator of the Church of Scotland and coeditor of the Scottish Journal of Theology. He wrote extensively, contributing more than twenty major works of theology and hundreds of articles in a variety of languages.