Get Your Child to the Top

Get Your Child to the Top Cover

Get Your Child to the Top

Help Your Child Succeed at School and Life

By Megan Lisa Jones

Laernn, Paperback, 9780615763347, 261pp.

Publication Date: May 1, 2013

About the Author
About the author: Megan Lisa Jones is an investment banker, lawyer, writer, technologist and mom. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her two children and two Persian cats. A child of immigrants and Silicon Valley she believes that each person is fully capable of achieving their dreams if given the proper education, a fair opportunity and a lot of love. and . After advising companies on being competitive and innovative for years she decided to tap her contact base, of innovators and founders, to provide guidance for children. Those that are creating jobs, when mixed with insight from educators, can best guide those children facing the world of tomorrow. And she also talks a lot to her two children, their friends and their teachers. Richard J. Riordan is the former Mayor of Los Angeles and California Secretary for Education. He also founded a law firm and two private equity firms. Riordan is a major driver of education reform and in creating charter schools. And avid reader and bicyclist, he remains an active leader in Los Angeles politics and business.