The Other Side of Dawn

The Other Side of Dawn

By John Marsden

Houghton Mifflin, Hardcover, 9780618070282, 344pp.

Publication Date: August 2002


The Other Side of Dawn is the long-awaited, riveting, final title in the Tomorrow series about a group of teenagers in war-torn Australia. Since their home was invaded by enemy soldiers and transformed into a war zone, Ellie and her friends have been fighting for their lives. They have learned survival skills out of necessity and taken care of each other through impossibly dark times. Now, with a roar like a train in a tunnel, the war has entered its final days. There’s no more sitting around, no more waiting. There’s only fast decisions, fast action, fast thinking—and no room to get it wrong. As the enemy forces close in on their hideout in Hell, Ellie, Fi, Homer, Lee, and Kevin, and their adopted group of orphaned children, find themselves facing the last chapter of their struggle for freedom. But it may just be the most dangerous yet. And not everyone will survive.

About the Author
John Marsden is the most successful author of teen fiction in Australia. The author of more than 30 award-winning novels, the extraordinary Tomorrow series has sold form than five million copies worldwide and has been translated into seventeen languages. Meanwhile John has continued to achieve international success with his groundbreaking books for young people. In 2000 The Third Day, The Frost won the Buxtehude Bulle, a German award, which is among the world's most coveted prizes for young people's books.
Tomorrow, When the War Began was chosen in Sweden as the book most likely to inspire teenagers to read and over 100,000 copies have been printed for free distribution to young Swedes.
In 1998 Burning For Revenge was named the Australian Booksellers' Book of the Year, Tomorrow, When the War Began won the Bilby Award for Older Readers, The Dead of the Night won the Secondary Division of the ACT COOL awards and The Night is for Hunting was shortlisted for two Aurealis Awards. In 1999 The Dead of the Night, The Third Day, the Frost and The Night is for Hunting were shortlisted for the Victorian YABBA awards, Tomorrow, When the War Began won the CYBER award, and The Night is for Hunting was shortlisted for the Australian Booksellers' Book of the Year. In 2000 three of John's books, including The Other Side of Dawn, were shortlisted for the YABBA awards, The Dead of the Night won the CYBER award, and The Night is for Hunting was shortlisted for the ACT COOL awards and won the WAYBRA award for Older Readers; the third year in a row that John has won this award.
John lists his favorite food as chocolate, his favorite color as yellow, his favorite writers as William Shakespeare, Margo Lanagan and Dave Eggers. His dislikes include high school math, most reviewers and lumpy custard.

Praise For The Other Side of Dawn

"Although stunning action sequences have always been a hallmark of the series, its true excellence is due in large part to Marsden’s thoughtful exploration of the psychological costs of the teens’ heroic, violent exploits." In the closing sequence, he realistically examines the emotional turbulence of the sudden attack of peace…it may be time for Marsden to shut down his engines, but it’s been one heck of a ride." The Bulletin of the Center for Children's Books

"As always, the plot keeps readers on the edge of their seats… an outstanding story of friendship, courage, and survival." Kirkus Reviews

“Marsden is at his exciting, if somewhat improbable, best when writing about Ellie’s single-handed train sabotage and the teens’ attempts to blow up a huge truck stop on the road to Cavendish.” Booklist, ALA

“The action sequences are gripping and there is an expected amount of violence.” School Library Journal