A Friend Called Anne

A Friend Called Anne Cover

A Friend Called Anne

One girl's story of War, Peace and a unique friendship with Anne Frank

By Jacqueline van Maarsen

Viking Juvenile, Hardcover, 9780670059584, 176pp.

Publication Date: April 7, 2005


Jacqueline van Maarsen met Anne Frank in 1941, and the two girls quickly became best friends. A Friend Called Anne details their relationship and reveals Anne as who she in fact was: a typical, fun-loving girl. The book also shares Jacqueline's own chilling experience of narrowly escaping Nazi deportation thanks to her Catholic mother. But survival meant helplessly watching Jewish friends and family disappear one by one.
With black-and-white photographs, this eloquent memoir offers a firsthand perspective on life in Nazi-occupied Amsterdam, and also an intimate, humanizing remembrance of perhaps the most famous victim of the Holocaust.