Babe Ruth

Babe Ruth Cover

Babe Ruth

By Wilborn Hampton

Viking Children's Books, Hardcover, 9780670063055, 203pp.

Publication Date: March 19, 2009

Babe Ruth is still regarded as perhaps the greatest baseball player ever to step on a diamond. Born into a poor family in Baltimore, George Herman Ruth Jr. was sent to a Catholic reform school at age seven, where he learned how to play baseball. Initially a talented southpaw, the Babe went on to shatter every home-run record on the books?and when fewer games were played in a season and a heavier ball was used. In this engaging and fast-paced biography, award-winning author Wilborn Hampton shares with readers The Babe was also a man of big heart, temper, and appetite.

About the Author
Wilborn Hampton is a theater critic for "The""New York Times". Throughout a journalistic career that began in Dallas as a cub reporter covering the assassination of President Kennedy, and later carried him to London, Rome, and the Middle East as a foreign correspondent, his abiding passion for the theater remained constant. After joining "The New York Times" as an editor, that lifelong love led him into a position as a theater critic and feature writer, reviewing plays and conducting interviews on a freelance basis for the paper. Over the course of the past 20 years, he has reviewed more than 500 stage productions for "The Times", and although he left his editorial position on the paper in 2006, he continues to review plays and write articles on the theater on a regular basis.

Hampton has published several Young Adult nonfiction books: "Kennedy Assassinated: The World Mourns", "Meltdown: A Race Against Nuclear Disaster at Three Mile Island" and "September 11, 2001: Attack on New York City", "War in the Middle East A Reporter's Story" (those 4 were published by Candlewick Press), and a biography of Elvis Presley published by Viking Childrens Books as part of their "Close Up" series.