Keeping a Rendezvous

Keeping a Rendezvous Cover

Keeping a Rendezvous

By John Berger

Vintage, Paperback, 9780679737148, 256pp.

Publication Date: October 27, 1992


When he stands before Giorgione's La Tempesta, John Berger sees not only the painting but our whole notion of time, sweeping us away from a lost Eden. A photograph of a gravely joyful crowd gathered on a Prague street in November 1989 provokes reflection on the meaning of democracy and the reunion of a people with long-banished hopes and dreams.

With the luminous essays in Keeping a Rendezvous, we are given to see the world as Berger sees it -- to explore themes suggested by the work of Jackson Pollock or J. M. W. Turner, to contemplate the wonder of Paris. Rendezvous are manifold: between critic and art, artist and subject, subject and the unknown. But most significant are the rendezvous between author and reader, as we discover our perceptions informed by John Berger's eloquence and courageous moral imagination.

Praise For Keeping a Rendezvous

"One of the world's most influential art critics... and one of the most original of contemporary thinkers... Berger's ability to see something clearly, with fresh surprise yet profound understanding, makes his writing singularly moving and informative." -- Washington Times

"Berger's mind travels the globe, and its range is astonishing . . . unfailingly interesting."--New York Times Book Review.

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