The Civil War

The Civil War

The Complete Text of the Bestselling Narrative History of the Civil War--Based on the Celebrated PBS Television Series

By Geoffrey C. Ward; Ken Burns; Richard Burns

Vintage, Paperback, 9780679755432, 368pp.

Publication Date: September 6, 1994


"The Civil War defined us as whatwe are and it opened us to being what we became, good and bad things.... It was the crossroads of ourbeing, and it was a hell of a crossroads: the suffering, the enormous tragedy of the whole thing."- Shelby Foote, from "The Civil War"
When theillustrated edition of "The Civil War" was first published, "The New York Time" hailed it as "a treasure for the eye and mind." Now Geoffrey Ward's magisterial workof history is available in a text-only edition that interweaves the author's narrative with the voices of the men and women who lived through the cataclysmic trial of our nationhood: not just Abraham Lincoln, Frederick Douglass, and Robert E. Lee, but genteel Southern ladies and escaped slaves, cavalry officers and common foot soldiers who fought in Yankee blue and Rebel gray.
"The Civil War" also includes essays by our most distinguished historians of the era: Don E. Fehrenbacher, on the war's origins; Barbara J. Fields, on the freeing of the slaves; Shelby Foote, on the war's soldiers and commanders; James M. McPherson, on the political dimensions of the struggle; and C. Vann Woodward, assessing the America that emerged from the war's ashes.

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"An absorbing experience... A fine work of scholarship."- Boston Globe

"Succeeds in evoking both the grandeur of the war and its basic humanity."- Chicago Tribune