The Vintage Book of Latin American Stories

The Vintage Book of Latin American Stories

By Carlos Fuentes (Editor); Julio Ortega (Editor)

Vintage, Paperback, 9780679775515, 400pp.

Publication Date: December 5, 2000

In The Vintage Book of Latin American Stories, Julio Ortega and Carlos Fuentes present the most compelling short fiction from Mexico to Chile. Surreal, poetic, naturalistic, urbane, peasant-born: All styles intersect and play, often within a single piece. There is "The Handsomest Drown Man in the World," the Garcia Marquez fable of a village overcome by the power of human beauty; "The Aleph," Borges' classic tale of a man who discovers, in a colleague's cellar, the Universe. Here is the haunting shades of Juan Rulfo, the astonishing anxiety puzzles of Julio Cortazar, the disquieted domesticity of Clarice Lispector. Provocative, powerful, immensely engaging, The Vintage Book of Latin American Stories showcases the ingenuity, diversity, and continuing excellence of a vast and vivid literary tradition.

About the Author
The author of more than a dozen novels and story collections, Carlos Fuentes (1928-2012) was Mexico's most celebrated novelist and critic. He received numerous honors and awards throughout his lifetime, including the Miguel de Cervantes Prize and the Latin Literary Prize.

Julio Ortega has been called "Peru's leading literary intellectual" (American Book Review). He is Professor of Hispanic Studies at Brown University and has published many works of his own fiction, drama, and poetry, as well as numerous critical editions and works of literary criticism.

Praise For The Vintage Book of Latin American Stories

"Each and every [story in] this collection is a treasure." --The Guardian

"Latin American fiction is where serious debate can be found and, at its best, makes the contemporary English equivalent seem frivolous and lacking in courage." --The Times (London)