By-Line Ernest Hemingway

By-Line Ernest Hemingway Cover

By-Line Ernest Hemingway

Selected Articles and Dispatches of Four Decades

By Ernest Hemingway; William White (Editor)

Scribner Book Company, Paperback, 9780684839059, 512pp.

Publication Date: May 12, 1998

Spanning the years 1920 to 1956, this priceless collection shows Hemingway's work as a reporter, from correspondent for the "Toronto Star" to contributor to "Esquire, Colliers, " and "Look." As fledgling reporter, war correspondent, and seasoned journalist, Hemingway provides access to a range of experiences, including vivid eyewitness accounts of the Spanish Civil War and World War II. "By-Line: Ernest Hemingway" offers a glimpse into the world behind the popular fiction of one of America's greatest writers.