Morrigan's Brood

Morrigan's Brood Cover

Morrigan's Brood

Crone of War

By Heather Poinsett-Dunbar; Christopher Dunbar

Triscelle Publishing, Paperback, 9780692009925, 376pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2010

The Lamia expeditionary force has gained a foothold in Eire and has formed an alliance with a powerful Irish chieftain and his malevolent mother. To reinforce them, a massive Lamia army, which is departing Rome, will soon give them enough power to conquer Eire and find their lost treasure. Will the Deargh Du and their new-found friends be able to protect Eire from the invaders, or will the Deargh Du's suspicion of other blood-drinkers allow their enemies to be victorious?