House of Doors

House of Doors

By Chaz Brenchley

Severn House Publishers, Hardcover, 9780727880895, 233pp.

Publication Date: January 1, 2012


"The first in Chaz Brenchley's chilling new haunted house" "series - "War widow Ruth Taylor arrives at RAF Morwood, the great house formerly known as D Esperance, hoping that nursing badly wounded airmen will distract her from her sorrows. But almost as soon as she enters the house, she experiences strange visions and fainting spells, and the almost overwhelming sensation of her late husband's ghostly presence. For D Esperance is a place of shadows and secrets and as the strange occurrences become increasingly menacing and violent, Ruth is forced to confront a terrible possibility: that her dead husband might be the cause . . .

About the Author
CHAZ BRENCHLEY has been making a living as a writer since he was eighteen. He is the author of nine thrillers, most recently "Shelter" and two fantasy series, "The Books of Outremer" and "Selling Water by the River". As Daniel Fox he has published a Chinese-based fantasy series, beginning with "Dragon in Chains", as Ben Macallan, an urban fantasy, "Desdaemona". A British Fantasy Award winner, he has also published books for children and more than 500 short stories in various genres. His time as crimewriter-in-residence on a sculpture project in Sunderland resulted in the collection "Blood Waters".