Best Place to Die

Best Place to Die Cover

Best Place to Die

By Charles Atkins

Severn House Publishers, Hardcover, 9780727882080, 218pp.

Publication Date: December 1, 2012

"Retiree sleuths Lilian and Ada find that though their town might look postcard pretty, there's something rank festering below the surface . . ."Lilian Campbell and her best friend and lover, Ada Strauss, are woken early by the sound of sirens: the local nursing home, Nillewaug Village, is ablaze. The police and fire chiefs find evidence to suggest the fire was accidental, but Detective Mattie Perez can t help but wonder why the smoke alarms didn t work. Soon, it's looking less like accident and more like arson . . . and Lil and Ada are swept up into an investigation that grows increasingly more complex, and frightening, by the hour.