Myka Finds Her Way

Myka Finds Her Way Cover

Myka Finds Her Way

By Gail Herman; Denise Shimabukuro (Illustrator); Dee Farnsworth (Illustrator)

Random House Disney, Paperback, 9780736426060, 120pp.

Publication Date: January 12, 2010

Myka can spot an ant carrying a crumb in a faraway field. She can see an inchworm sliding along a twig in a distant wood. She's a brave-hearted, sharpeyed fairy scout. Then one morning Myka thinks she spots something dangerous and sounds an alarm a false alarm. Now Myka's no longer so sure of herself. She's starting to think something is wrong with her eyes, but she doesn t want anyone to know. Can Myka count on her other senses to help her fool everyone?