Branded Cover


The Buying and Selling of Teenagers

By Alissa Quart

Basic Books (AZ), Paperback, 9780738208626, 247pp.

Publication Date: February 19, 2004

Generation Y has grown up in an age of the brand, bombarded by name products. In Branded, Alissa Quart illuminates the unsettling new reality of marketing to teenagers, as well as the quieter but no less worrisome forms of teen branding: the teen consultants who work for corporations in exchange for product; the girls obsessed with cosmetic surgery who will do anything to look like women on TV; and those teens simply obsessed with admission into a name-brand college. We also meet the pockets of kids attempting to turn the tables on the cocksure corporations that so cynically strive to manipulate them. Chilling, thought-provoking, even darkly amusing, Branded brings one of the most disturbing and least talked about results of contemporary business and culture to the fore-and ensures that we will never look at today's youth the same way again.

About the Author
Alissa Quart's poetry has appeared in the London Review of Books, The Awl, Fence, Open City, Feminist Studies, and many other publications, as well as in her poetry chapbook Solarized. She is the author of three non- fiction books: Branded (Basic Books, 2003), Hothouse Kids (Penguin Press, 2006), and Republic of Outsiders: The Power of Amateurs, Dreamers and Rebels (The New Press, 2013). Her nonfiction titles have been translated into 14 languages. She has written features for The New York Times Magazine, Elle, The Atlantic, The Nation, and many other magazines and has contributed frequent reported opinion pieces to The New York Times and elsewhere. With Barbara Ehrenreich, she is editor of the Economic Hardship Reporting Project, a non-profit that supports journalism about inequality. She wrote and produced the Emmy-nominated multimedia project "The Last Clinic" for The Atavist. She has taught at Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism among other universities and was a 2010 Nieman Fellow at Harvard University.