The Funniest Baseball Book Ever

The Funniest Baseball Book Ever

The National Pastime's Greatest Quips, Quotations, Characters, Nicknames, and Pranks

By Peter Handrinos

Andrews McMeel Publishing, Paperback, 9780740791284, 339pp.

Publication Date: April 6, 2010

An impulse book for Fathera's Day, aimed at summera's most popular sport.
That old baseball saying is right: It is a funny game. No other sport can compare to the national pastime's vast catalog of silly quips and quotations, unforgettable characters, memorable nicknames, and inventive pranks.
"The Funniest Baseball Book Ever" captures it all between two covers. It's simply the most complete, contemporary resource for baseball humor. This compendium expertly draws on a century of history and several hundred sources to lend the game a new, hilarious perspective. With over 90 percent of its material never before collected in a single volume, "The Funniest Baseball Book Ever" will entertain and surprise everyone from casual fans to diehards, and from newcomers to veterans.
"The Funniest Baseball Book Ever" is the perfect antidote for those who'd prefer to laugh along with the fun and games--it's one book that lives up to its title's promise.

About the Author
Peter Handrinos is the author of Best New York Sports Arguments and The Truth About Ruth (And More). He plays ball in Norwalk, Connecticut.Online: