Biblical Foundations of Spirituality

Biblical Foundations of Spirituality Cover

Biblical Foundations of Spirituality

Touching a Finger to the Flame

By Barbara Ellen Bowe

Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, Paperback, 9780742531574, 224pp.

Publication Date: September 3, 2003

Biblical Foundations of Spirituality is a timely and important book that invites readers to 'touch a finger to the flame' of the sacred text of the Bible by offering guidance on what to read, how to read, and why to read the Bible as a source of spiritual nourishment. It begins by exploring the nature and meaning of that all-too-difficult word spirituality and then leads readers through the entire Bible from Genesis to Revelation to develop a biblical spirituality that can serve as a guiding light in this age of spiritual seeking. Informed by the latest scholarship, this book makes the Bible more intelligible and 'user friendly' for contemporary audiences by stressing the spiritual dimension of the search for God evident in our biblical ancestors and showing how the Bible can be a friend and companion in our search for God today. It illustrates the continuity of the Old and New Testaments and the progression of faith and insight about God the turns and dead-ends, the mistakes and successes, the struggles and challenges that reflect in some way our own contemporary experience and search for God. By showing readers that the biblical authors were real people who struggled with life's puzzles and challenges in the same way that we do, Biblical Foundations of Spirituality reveals the rich treasure of spiritual wisdom that the Bible contains and connects the wisdom and witness of Scripture with everyday life and spirituality. Complete with a historical chronology, reflection questions, a glossary, and extensive notes and bibliography, this book is ideal for classroom and parish use as well as for individual readers."

About the Author
Bowe is professor of biblical studies and director of the Biblical Spirituality Certificate Program at Catholic Theological Union. She holds the TH.D. from Harvard University.