By Thomas Berger

Simon & Schuster, Paperback, 9780743257961, 275pp.

Publication Date: July 1, 2005

Suburban regular guy Earl Keese confronts the yawning pit of chaos in the persons of Harry and Ramona, a younger couple who have just moved into the only other house on their dead-end street. Literally overnight, Earl's painstakingly controlled world is turned upside down. Soon he is engaged in guerilla warfare with his new neighbors, who seem to threaten the very fabric of his carefully constructed reality.

About the Author
Thomas Berger(1924 2014) was the bestselling author of novels, short stories, and plays, including the Old West classic"Little Big Man"(1964) and the Pulitzer Prize nominated novel"The Feud"(1983). Berger was born in Cincinnati and served with a medical unit in World War II, an experience that provided the inspiration for his first novel, "Crazy in Berlin"(1958). Berger found widespread success with his third novel, "Little Big Man", and maintained a steady output of critically acclaimed work since then. Several of his novels have been adapted into film, including a celebrated version of"Little Big Man". His short fiction has appeared in"Harper s Magazine", "Esquire", and"Playboy". Berger lived in New York.

Praise For Neighbors

"A wonderfully funny and mysterious book."

-- The New York Times Book Review

"A flawlessly crafted morality play constructed out of the most subtle minutiae of perception and expression├Žas if Henry James had written Waiting for Godot."

-- The Nation

"Neighbors offers a version of reality skewed just enough to give paranoia a good name."

-- Time